Yeaji Kim

Yeaji Kim is a visual impaired pianist from South Korea. Her parents found out she has retinitis pigmentosa when she was 2 years old. She starts piano when she was 15 after she met a pianist Mikyung Kim as a teacher.

Yeaji Kim is specialized in Schubert’s music but also R.Schumann, F.Chopin and even contemporary music.

Her performance has been taking center stage worldwide. She successfully represented performances in London, Michigan, Oakland, Moscow, Hong Kong, Tokyo, LA, Prague, etc. She has been performing with several orchestra in the World such as, Janacek Philharmonic Orchestra(Czech Republic), Seoul Orchestra(S.Korea), Vladivostok Philharmonic Orchestra(Russia), New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra(Japan), etc.

For her, visual impairment is not a barrier. She said she can focus more on music and sound because of this.

Now she is a lecturer of Sukmyung Women’s University, a music director of YOUnion Ensemble, Member of Heart Chamber Orchestra and Dukyoung Trio.

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