In February, 2003, people who had different disability ― down’s syndrome, brain disorder, autism, develop disorder―started band named Ttamtti. In the begining, we didn’t make eye contacts with each other. The only thing we did was just looking outside of window.

But, we really wanted to do something, so we began training base rhythm of Korean traditional drum, Janggu. After that, we learned ‘Samul Nori’, Korean traditional quartet. we keep trained and finally won the first prize in ‘Domestic Physically Challenged’s Samulnori Competition’, that encouraged Ttamtti to move forward.

Since member of Ttamtti has different disability, we practiced at least 6 months to performing one music. Music was the only thing that connect and encourage Ttamtti to go on.

Ttamtti have become professional Korean traditional music team. we can hold solo concert, consisted of Korean traditional performance; Seuljanggu, Samulnori, Bongsantalchum, imechum, Yealdubal Sangmonori, etc. We were invited to several stages and events, Ttamtti challenged ‘Fusion Korean Traditional Music Genre’ in consequence of their first album ‘First Story of Ttamtti’.

Now, Ttamtti performs in various program, for example, as for ‘Concert with Animation’, we visited schools and shared message that we can do anything despite disability, we received good reactions. Ttamtti has been planning various concerts form connects local to local, from physically challenged people to common people. Through music, Ttamtti is going to become a role model for physically challenged people.


Esityksen kesto: .The performance time is 5 to 90 minutes depending on the organizer’s request. It is also possible to perform traditional performances (such as 12-foot play, burn-n-play, etc.)
Ryhmän koko: 12 persons
Kaupunki, josta matkustaa: South Korea
Tekniikan tarve/rider: It takes about 2 hours for stage setting and rehearsal.The stage is played by four people, each about 5m2 or more is likely to be more than. Traditional performances require more space (more than 10 meters in radius) when performing.

We need general stage lighting and sound, beam project and screen.There are a lot of musical instruments to play such as a small sounding instrument, so you need about eight microphones. The microphone stand is T-shaped.

Muuta huomioitavaa: Our performance is based on Korean classical music and is a Korean classical music and world music. We are showing animations between songs.

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