Colors of the Sky

Colors of the Sky is a dance and entertainment show based on the Egyptian traditional Tannoura dance with two professional dancers disabled and non-disabled. Duration of the show is from 10 minutes until 30 minutes.

TRAVELLING CREW : 3 people (2 dancers and 1 director)

DANCERS: Hussein Mansour, a professional dancer of egyptian traditional dance of tannoura since 25 years ago, based in cairo and work as an finance account in the morning, and afternoon and night as a dancer as freelancer and for manethon theater foundation.

Mohamed Mehrezy: a professional disabled dancer of tannoura dance since 20 years ago, work only as a dancer, Despite of his disability he works as a freelance dancer and for Manethon Theater Foundation.

DIRECTOR: Mohamed Kareem, he is a director, actor, lecturer and one of the most important activist of Culture and arts for children theater, inclusion art and culture in Egypt, founder of many festivals in Egypt , he is the chairman of Manethon Foundation for Children Theater , Pesident of ACCAC Egypt

TARGET AGE : all family

OTHER REPERTOIR: Qetat Haretna ( Drama Play for Children ) , Aragouz and Aragouzta ( Drama Play for Children) , O me ! ( Drama Play for Adult ) , Yalla Norkos Tannoura ( dance show )

OUR FESTIVALS: Cairo International Children’s Theater Festival 2007, 2008, 2010 Hurghada international Children’s Theater Festival , Hurghada City , Egypt 2013 Sharm Elsheikh International Children’s Theater Festival, Sharm Elsheikh City, Egypt 2014


  • Ethnic Mask Dance Festival , South Korea 2003
  • Civilizations festival – Madrid – Spain 2002-2004-2006
  • Final Ceremony of Asian Games – Doha- Qatar 2006
  • Sfax International Children Book Fair – Tunisia -2006, 2007, 2009
  • Euro-Mediterranean Festival of Children Theater , Tunisia 2006, 2007
  • Kijimuna Festival for Children Theater , Okinawa, Japan 2006 , 2007
  • Ottawa Children Theater Festival , Ottawa, Canada 2007
  • Arab League of Gemnastic at Elarabi Club – Kuwait 2008
  • Opening and Final Ceremony of Assitej Festival and Congress organized by International Association of Theater for Children and Young People ” Assitej ” , Adelaide -Australia 2008
  • Ceremony of reaching the film number 1000 for Asia Net Company 2012
  • Hope Festival -Tokyo- Japan 2015
  • Salala Festival -Oman
  • Celebration of the National Day of Kuwait
  • Abha Festival – Saudi Arabia
  • ACCAC Congress organized by Accessible Arts and Culture ” Accac” -Tampere-Finland 2015 -2016
  • A PLUS Festival , organized by the Korean Federation of Culture Associationd of South Korea- Seoul , South Korea 2018
  • ACCAC Festival and Congress organized by ACCAC Nepal.


Tietoa tapahtumajärjestäjälle

Esityksen kesto: 15 minutes
Ryhmän koko: 3 persons
Kaupunki, josta matkustaa: Egypt
Tekniikan tarve/rider:
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