Robaba Mohammadi

Robaba Mohammadi is a visual artitst and activist from Afganistan. She creates detailed sketches with her mouth, using her lips and tongue to control the pencil.Her enthusiasm for drawing and painting makes her create images.

She started her painting without any guidance or trainer, and she was master of her own, the world of design and painting become her world. She passed long hours with her paintings and drawings. But it was about a year and a half that she could found many friends and followers in virtual world, and her career and painting was shown in many national and international medias.

She has held three major exhibitions of her artwork for the time being. Also she decide to do:
1: Establishing the Robaba Mohammdadi’s help group to help Afghan women with physical disabilities and to grow up their talent, which can be said to be a long-term plan that requires government and personal support from national and international celebrities.
2. Robaba Mohammadi want to be supposed to hold different exhibition in different countries.

For the moment, she is busy with everyday life and she hosts many visitors of friends, national and international personalities in order to plan for the future, especially for the social foundation of Robaba Mohammadi and also she studies ESL. English as second language.

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