Self – Confidence, confidence to the other and our share future.
The artistic team worked on imagery and the writing of short texts that evoked the latter on a
personal level. Four chapters were put together creating a choreographic piece for nine dancers, three of whom are disabled. The final part will invite the audience to be part of the sharing and the enjoyment of dance bringing smile to everyone.

Choreography // Sophie Bulbulyan, Corinne Faure-Grise
Costumes designer// Anne Yarmola
Dancers// Céline Coppry, Barima Osei, Melvin Gaspard, Miché Quenum,
Sofia Ait Adj , Débi Kouété, Kevin Dang, Steven Vincent Manette
Helper for the 3 disabled dancers : Nathalie Racine – Mina Melhaf

• June 2019 « Festival Mittenmang – Theaterfestival & mehr »
Bremen – Germany
• May 2019 «Conseil Municipal des enfants» Bouffemont (95) France
• December 2018 « Festival 12X12 » Gare de Lyon Paris (12) France
• October 2018 « Festival Anamesa » Lisbonne, Portugal
• July 2018 ”BoulevART” Wismar, Germany
• June 2018 « 7 Milliards D’Autres » Palais des Congrès Toulon (83) France
• April 2018 Street theatre festival in Neuwied, Germany
• July 2017// Festival Alles Muss Raus Kaiserslautern, Germany

Tietoa tapahtumajärjestäjälle

Esityksen kesto: 30 minutes
Ryhmän koko: 12 members will travel from Paris – France
Kaupunki, josta matkustaa: Paris -France
Tilatoive: Accessible stage minimum 8 X 8 m
Tekniikan tarve/rider: Sound system with jack connection for smartphone. Natural lights possible – Simple Light plan.
Muuta huomioitavaa: Outdoor or Indoor performance

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