Trumpetisti Jaehyon Kang

Jaehyon Kang is a trumpeter who was born in 1993. Curently he is  a student of Korea National University of Arts and 2013 Graduated National Seoul Blind School.

  • 2007 & 2012 National disabled skills competition, Music Division 3rd place.
  • 2008 Daejeon TJB Music Competition Brass part 2nd Prize.
  • 2011 Daejeon TJB Music Competition Brass part 1st Prize, Minister Prize of Education, Science and Technology.
  • 2011 Daejeon Arts Center TJB Music competition winner Gala concert.
  • 2015 Entering Hearts of vision chamber orchestra.
  • 2015 Participated Sen Diego Mozart International Music Festival.
  • 2015 Participated The 2nd Carnagie Hall Inviting Performance.
  • 2016 Accomponied Performance with Korean Trumpet Ensemble.
  • 2016 Participated Moscow International Music Festival.
  • 2016 Accomponied Performance at International Brass Festival Openning Concert.
  • 2017 Participated Michigan International Music Festival.
  • 2018 Participated London International Music Festival.
  • 2018 Participated Vibration for Visualized Sound Project(London and Bristol).



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