Heart of Vision Chamber

Hearts of Vision Chamber Orchestra, founded in March 2007, is the sole chamber orchestra composed of visually impaired musicians. There are thirteen visually impaired musicians and eight associate players along with the leadership of music director, clarinetist Sang Jae Lee who obtained DMA at Peabody Conservatory of Music at Johns Hopkins University and is also a professor at Korea Nazarene University.

After the successful foundation concert on July 19th , 2007 at Youngsan Art Hall, Hearts of Vision Chamber Orchestra was praised as ‘music of miracle’, ‘orchestra with perfect harmony’ by every press and media. Through many concerts the orchestra spread positive perception of blindness, and proposed new vision for musically talented children domestically and internationally.

With the foundation concert, Hearts of Vision Chamber Orchestra was recognized as the world’s very first visually impaired chamber orchestra and was called ‘miraculous orchestra’. In 2008, Hearts of Vision Chamber Orchestra participated in Tongyoung International Music Fringe Festival and got a grand prix proving their capabilities.

Also, in April 2008, at the Beautiful Friends Concert held at Kioi Hall in Tokyo, Japan for Korean– Japanese amity hosted by the international charity organization, Beautiful Mind Charity, Hearts of Vision Chamber Orchestra performed with worldly renowned musicians making another platform to reach out to the world. Since 2007 Hearts of Vision Chamber Orchestra has held up to 410 successful concerts such as invitation concerts from corporations (Hanmi Global, Samsung Kiheung Industry, ING Life, Korea Bank etc.), visiting concerts at schools, universities, homeless shelters, welfare centers etc., and annual concerts (Jangcheon Art Hall, Sejong Center Chamber Hall, Seoul Arts Center IBK Hall).

The Orchestra also had the miraculous debut concert at New York Carnegie Hall on October 27th, 2011 and got standing obeisance four times. On August 29th, 2014 Hearts of Vision Chamber Orchestra performed Beethoven’s Triple Concerto at Noblesses Ensemble International Music Festival at ‘Yewon Concert Hall’ in Seoul with ‘Nobilis Trio’ consisting of Stephen Prutsman (pianoforte), Suren Bagratuni (violoncello) and Ruggero Allifranchini (violin). The H. V. C. O. held invitation concerts in Tokyo Japan ‘Shogakto Hall’ as the main concert of 2014 Tokyo Geidai University ‘ARTS SPECIAL’in Rachmaninoff Philharmonia Hall of Russia as the opening concert of ‘2016 MOSCOW INTERNATIONAL MUSIC FESTIVAL_MUSIC of LIGHT’, in Michigan University Concert Hall as the opening concert of ‘2017 CELLO Plus INTERNATIONAL MUSIC FESTIVAL’, the invitation concert in ST. James Piccadilly of 2018 LONDON INTERNATIONAL MUSIC FESTIVal, and the invitation concert in Herbert Zipper Hall in Los Angeles hosted by LA Korea Cultural Center along with the ‘ENCORE CONCERT in CARNEGIE HALL’ on September 26, 2015.

The ’Hearts of Vision Chamber Orchestra’ has been widely known for being able to perform in darkness, all memorized, and for the orchestra with sensational harmony and overwhelming story. The orchestra has been also reported more than 180 times in various media including three main broadcasting stations (KBS, MBC and SBS), main daily newspapers, magazines and online newspapers such as Chosun Daily, Joong-Ang Daily, Korea Daily, Munhwa Daily, Kyunghyang Newspaper, Hankyoreh Newspaper, Maeil Business Newspaper, Chosun Weekly and Pressian etc.


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‘A sole chamber orchestra of visually impaired musicians in the world’
‘Conductor is in our hearts and scores are in the players’ heads’
First founded domestically, the orchestra is composed of blind musicians. Their first concert was acrystal of sweat and effort. The impossible notion of visually impaired orchestra had set a goal to give hope and courage to other visually impaired musicians and audiences.”
(SBS News, 2007 July 19)

“The only orchestra composed of visually impaired people ‘Hearts of Vision Chamber Orchestra’ had their first concert, and the dream came true. The first piece was Elgar’s Salut d’Amore. To give this greeting, they literally had to go through painful time. From the darkness, they walked out into the very center of bright light. They still need helping hands, but they have given a
miraculous harmony in return for those hands.”
(MBC News, 2007 July 22)

“All the lights were turned off in Carnegie Hall. The audience listened to music of hearts in the darkness. Hearts of Vision Chamber Orchestra performed 17 works including 3 curtain calls, and the audience gave standing applauds four times. The Orchestra showed the essence of music performance by touching hearts of people in the place. The title of the concert was Images in Hearts, and the visually impaired musicians expressed their dreams with Dances in Hearts on the first stage and Pictures in Hearts on the second stage.”
(KBS News, 2011 November 1)

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