Ethiopia Visual Art is a sign language dance group

Ethiopia Visual Art is a sign language theater and dance group. The group is a subdivision of Addis Ababa. It is important for everyone to have a regular, healthy and complete access to everyday activities and hobbies that are not dependent on a strong economy.

Deaf Ethiopian Addis Ababa professional dance group is based on five deaf dancers. The dance group was established in 2009. Achieving success is difficult because they don’t have any connecting company for artists and dancers. Opportunities for them are limited. Their dance concept is based on hip-hop and visualization, which requires amazing dancing skills and a lot of visual signs and body movement in combination with modern hip-hop music.

They worked with Signmark, a deaf singer and band from Finland, in 2009. Two deaf dancers went to Finland in 2010 to have a workshop there and demonstrated their talent.

They also performed at Addis Ababa National Theater in 2016 and other various festivals in Ethiopia. They have made great progress as deaf dancers and created several shows for guests from other countries. Their goal is that nothing is impossible, everyone can get an opportunity.
There is a strong belief that this dance club is very essential to society.

Our vision is to acquire a legal entity and provide nationwide entertainment for the deaf community in Ethiopia, and promote deaf Ethiopian art worldwide.

Coordinator and Producer: Remi Roos
Coordinator and Choreographer: Robel Amaha
Assistant Choreographer: Muluneh Belete


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Esityksen kesto: 30 minuuttia
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Kaupunki, josta matkustaa: Addis Abeba, Ethiopia
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