Available for touring in 2019

‘Crossings’ charts the intimate journey of two worlds colliding at a bus stop, where two dancers find Home in each other. A playful and poetic dance short exploring the global themes of migration and belonging. This duet follows the international success of ‘Elevator’, choreographed by Jessie Brett.

  • Director: Jessie Brett
  • Devised and performed by: Andrew Tadd and Jessie Brett
  • Score: Jered Sorkin
  • Design: Saz Moir
  • Photography and film: Roger Graham & Jonathan Dunn


Tietoa tapahtumajärjestäjälle

Esityksen kesto: 12 mimutes
Ryhmän koko: 3 persons
Kaupunki, josta matkustaa: Iso-Britannia
Tekniikan tarve/rider:
Muuta huomioitavaa: Suitable for all ages.

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