Clowns on Wheels

Clowns on Wheels! – A wheelchair trick show!

What is wheelchair acrobatics? Can you jump rope with a wheelchair? You’ll find that out in this cheerful show! In this eventful show you’ll see a moving clown pyramid as well as other captivating and entertaining tricks, skilful wheelchair dancing and even some skateboarding tricks if the location allows for them. The fun and engaging clown characters, lights, incidental music and the elements of theatre give the audience a fun filled spectacle that smashes any preconceptions.

The fully accessible show also offers a trick segment with a possibility for audience participation. The audience members can join the show with or without a mobility aid to show off their own tricks. This show works for all kinds of events, both on the big stage or as an inclusive low threshold performance for the children and adults alike.


Leevi Ketola & Zaida Launis – wheelchair dance ja -tricks
Riku Järvinen – host, acrobatics, skating

Pyörätuoliakrobaatti Leevi Ketola

Tietoa tapahtumajärjestäjälle

Esityksen kesto: 25 minuuttia. Yleisö osallistettaessa esitykseen 40 minuuttia
Ryhmän koko: 3 hlö
Kaupunki, josta matkustaa: Tampere
Tila ja tekniikka: Avaa tila- ja tekniset tiedot
Muuta huomioitavaa: Esityksessä ei käytetä strobovaloja tai muitakaan vilkkuvaloja.