CiM 3,50 x 2,70

3,50 x 2,70 [three and a half two seventy] is a creation of Ana Rita Barata and Bruno Rodrigues / CiM – Dance Company, interpreted by six deaf actors and listeners. This piece is an adaptation of the original piece of Eero Enqvist, Kukunor ja Unikuu (original title in Finnish adapted to English as “Guardians of Dreams”), within the European project Sign+Sound Theatre (Creative Europe Programme – European Commission).

This project’s main objective is to promote the Deaf Theatre at European level and, in particular, the pioneering method of IBT – Innovative Bilingual Theater. This method explores new ways of creating inclusive art for an inclusive audience, allowing artists and spectators, deaf and hearing, to enjoy both the same and simultaneous artistic experience.

Sign and Sound Theater Europe (2017-2019) consists of a group of 9 partners from 6 European countries – Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Finland, Portugal and the United Kingdom.

3,50 x 2,70 [three and a half two seventy], is a measure, perhaps a coordinate of space, lines, walls or borders, where men and women confront their fears in a play of words, but without words. These multiplied men and women are only two, and between movements and sounds they travel in dreams where what separates them, is nothing more than themselves. This is the battlefield of a war of contradictory feelings, of confrontations with reality lived and dreamed, where they protect a space that, after all, who does it belong to? What keeps them here is exactly the will to communicate, to listen and to kill what separates them. 3,50 x 2,70 [three and a half two seventy] tries to question the space of the other, the borders, from the inside out, from the outside to the inside, in a search of a common language where silence, words and gestures don’t belong to no one.


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